Top 10 Face Wipes in India

India is generously blessed with hot summers which are truly “too hot to handle” and along with these summers, come skin problems! Dry skin, oily skin or sensitive skin, summers are a menacing for all. Face wipes can really help to keep your face sweat free and selfie ready on hot summer days. In fact, a good face wipe suiting your skin type can be a blessing not just during summer, but throughout the year. It helps you refresh your skin and make it moist on the go! No face wash, no water, no hassles! So here are the top 10 face wipes that you could use this summer.

Clean N Clear ( All in one cleansing wipes)


These wipes are convenient as they come in travel size perfect for on the go. They help remove excess oil and sweat from your face and are suitable during travels. These wipes are not recommended for people with dry skin.

Kara ( Refreshing Facial Wipes)


Kara Wipes are infused with Aloe Vera, Cucumber and Mint which leaves behind a very refreshing feel which is perfect for the hot summers. The Aloe Vera keeps the skin hydrated and fresh while cucumber soothes the skin and soothes heat burns. These wipes are suitable for Oily Skin as the Mint controls the oil secretion by strengthening the skin tissues.

Body Shop (Cleansing Wipes)


The Body Shop wipes are infused with Tea Tree oil which unclog your pores easily without much effort and make your skin fresh and shine free. They come in small packs which are perfect for travel and are very convenient to use.

Neutrogena (Deep Clean- Oil Free Make Up Remover)


Neutrogena wipes are super soft, pre-moist wipes which are suitable for wipes on the go. The oil absorbing essence in these wipes easily dissolve oil and sebum secretions from your skin and leave no residue behind, keeping your skin absolutely fresh and sweat free. Suitable for those with oil skin.

Johnson’s (Facial Cleansing Wipes)Johnson-s-Nourishing-Facial-Cleansing-Wipes-25Pk-3574660583366

Johnson’s Wet Wipes are approved by dermatologist, hence they are safe for those with sensitive skin and can be used to remove waterproof eye makeup. It does not contain any harsh chemicals so it’s 100% skin friendly and contains no chemicals or alcohol. 

Body Shop ( Vitamin E Cleansing Wipe)


Body Shop wipes are 100% biodegradable and easily gets rid of dead skin cells and impurities with just a wipe. As the name suggests, it consists of Vitamin E which are a great source of antioxidants for your skin hence perfect for sensitive and dry skin.

Nivea (Daily Essential Facial Cleansing Wipes)581747_xlarge

Nivea Wipes are perfect for removing tough, waterproof makeup. It is absolutely skin friendly and does not cause any irritation while cleansing the eye area. The Vitamin E keeps your skin moisturized and fresh.

Dettol (Multi use Wipes)


Dettol Wipes can be used not only for the face, but also on your body. Although it may not be the best option for removing make up, they can be considered when in need. They are perfect for removing grim and dirt that accumulates on your face throughout the day. These wipes are not recommended for those with dry skin, as it may dry out and stretch your skin.

Dermalogica (Pre-Cleanse Wipes)


Dermalogica Wipes are 100% eco friendly. They do not contain any chemicals or perfumes and contain organic ingredients only and are completely biodegradable. They remove waterproof make up in an instant and the addition of water to these wipes form an emulsion which remove make up gently. These are suitable for oily skin types. But, these wipes are expensive.

MAC (Wipes)


These wipes are on the pricier side and are definitely a splurge. If you’re MAC loyalist, these wipes are the ones for you. One glide and the make up is off your face. These wipes are infused with Vitamin E and are very gentle on your skin and leave your skin feeling moist and supple. It’s perfect for those with highly sensitive skin.







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